About Me

I am another human being with a curious mind. A persistent learner who trusts her journey in life, makes mistakes, rectifies and keeps evolving in gratitude.

My wordpress blog was initially created to showcase the writings published during the stage of life where I had taken the role of a journalist.

With passing years, I began writing for myself. It was then that I noticed, writing in poetic style came more naturally than the long sentences.

I published my poetry anthology (five books in English, and one in Hindi), under Deeya Nayar-Nambiar. And also was fortunate to have an Audio CD of the first book recorded internationally.

I believe in taking every day as a learning phase, and exploring my writing skills. I have enjoyed the challenges as a journalist, strategist, content writer and college lecturer; and always, go with the flow of life.

I am here, in the moment, living life analysing the extraordinary in the ordinary!

You can contact me at: deeyasnambiar@gmail.com

Thank you for following my blog.

Warm Regards 🙏🏻

Deeya Nambiar