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She freed herself from anarchy, healed the soul of imposter syndrome, and taught herself to rise above the gloat of sycophants. She was responsible for her Self to discover her journey. 

“Did she hide from the real world?“

“No. She added a chapter to the real world.“

I remembered the patron saint of travellers and pilgrims (Die schutzpatronin der pilger).

Deeya Nambiar, 2022

Seasons : Thoughts ‘n’ Poetic Forms – Published Book

Nature defines us, and teaches us. I am a Messenger sharing the thoughts in poetic forms  blending with air, water, earth, fire, woods and colours, and searching the depths of symbolism.

Seasons: Thoughts n´ Poetic Forms is a symbolic journey of life and nature, spend thoughtfully and reflecting, learning from the simple things in life. These 50 expressions, and three scribbles, as I would like to call them, are excerpts from the random thoughts, quotes and poems that turned inspirational, cathartic and healer.

Illusion, denial, reflections, memories and  love are the underlying themes that also have psychological effect on state of mind as seasons change.   However, the power of “here and now´´, living in the “moment and minutes´´ in acceptance make  our reality liveable.

Immense gratitude.

Also, some things are not measurable. It´s pure joy in the experience. Publishing books is an expression of my life.

You can read the kindle version of the book at Amazon or check the link – Seasons: Thoughts ‘n’ Poetic Forms

Thank you for all your support.

Love and Light

Deeya Nambiar

Wood | The Rebirth

Root Written by Deeya Nambiar Wood Collection A New Meaning Washed to the shores, deep in the woods, or near the roadside, when the trees become …

Wood | The Rebirth

Published in Edge of Humanity Magazine

Thank you🙏🏻

For My Mother

I have grown around creepers, climbers, roots, branches, twigs and driftwood. Anything or any part of a tree, shrub or herb that looks shapely and catches my mother’s eye go into her collection. From North to South, East to West, the pieces of woods have come from all over India.

My mother’s love for woods gave a new meaning to wood art.