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Seasons : Thoughts ‘n’ Poetic Forms – Published Book

Nature defines us, and teaches us. I am a Messenger sharing the thoughts in poetic forms  blending with air, water, earth, fire, woods and colours, and searching the depths of symbolism.

Seasons: Thoughts n´ Poetic Forms is a symbolic journey of life and nature, spend thoughtfully and reflecting, learning from the simple things in life. These 50 expressions, and three scribbles, as I would like to call them, are excerpts from the random thoughts, quotes and poems that turned inspirational, cathartic and healer.

Illusion, denial, reflections, memories and  love are the underlying themes that also have psychological effect on state of mind as seasons change.   However, the power of “here and now´´, living in the “moment and minutes´´ in acceptance make  our reality liveable.

Immense gratitude.

Also, some things are not measurable. It´s pure joy in the experience. Publishing books is an expression of my life.

You can read the kindle version of the book at Amazon or check the link – Seasons: Thoughts ‘n’ Poetic Forms

Thank you for all your support.

Love and Light

Deeya Nambiar

Wood | The Rebirth

Root Written by Deeya Nambiar Wood Collection A New Meaning Washed to the shores, deep in the woods, or near the roadside, when the trees become …

Wood | The Rebirth

Published in Edge of Humanity Magazine

Thank you🙏🏻

For My Mother

I have grown around creepers, climbers, roots, branches, twigs and driftwood. Anything or any part of a tree, shrub or herb that looks shapely and catches my mother’s eye go into her collection. From North to South, East to West, the pieces of woods have come from all over India.

My mother’s love for woods gave a new meaning to wood art.


I Heal, and You Heal (Book of poems)

I Heal, and You Heal (2020)


A year to remember. A year of gratitude. A year of forgiveness. A year to heal, Soul, Mind and Body. A year of reflections, recollections and re-connections with Nature. I am, who I am, is solely in complete surrender to the wonders of spiritual journey, laden with surprises and learning in awareness.

I Heal, and You Heal is a short poetry collection, of 20 poems, inspired by Nature, four seasons and the flora and fauna that are the foundation of the persona of Bavaria in Germany.

The fragrance of Earth, the rhythm of raindrops, the life of dried and dying leaves, symbolism of birds and bees, the formation of clouds, the aura of leafless trees, the silence of supportive branches, and the often-ignored wild plants have been mesmerizing and soulful.

The title of the anthology, I Heal, and You Heal is also the first poem in this collection, composed as an ode to Mother Earth on World Earth Day. In the same way, every poem is a connection of the elements of Nature with the depth of “Self”. The theme of the poems is “Hope”, and revolves around life and its journey, birth, death and possibilities of new beginnings.

The year 2020 has indeed been a year of learning and evolving. I Heal, and You Heal is a book of promises and helps to look beyond the “I” of who we are.

Dear Friends, I am grateful to have you in my life. Thank you 🙏🏻

May 2021 bring peace and contentment 🙏🏻

Once again, I thank each one of you.

Presently, I Heal, and You Heal is available on Kindle format. Sharing some links to access the kindle edition.

I Heal, and You Heal on

I Heal, and You Heal on

I Heal, and You Heal on

Looking forward to a kind review on Amazon. Thank you🙏🏻

Deeya Nambiar

January 3, 2021.