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Chess, A Metaphor For Life | Edge of Humanity Magazine

– I walked out of the Dachau Memorial Site

– Chess set, hand-carved from wood by an “unknown prisoner”

– Along with a cultural influence, chess has a way with our minds

– A Metaphor for life

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Chess, A Metaphor For Life | Edge of Humanity Magazine
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Wood | The Rebirth

Root Written by Deeya Nambiar Wood Collection A New Meaning Washed to the shores, deep in the woods, or near the roadside, when the trees become …

Wood | The Rebirth

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For My Mother

I have grown around creepers, climbers, roots, branches, twigs and driftwood. Anything or any part of a tree, shrub or herb that looks shapely and catches my mother’s eye go into her collection. From North to South, East to West, the pieces of woods have come from all over India.

My mother’s love for woods gave a new meaning to wood art.