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Magic of Cubes, A Puzzle!

Rubik's Cube

Age has never dampened the spirit of heart while playing games. Instead the child in us awakens to competitive spirit and winning. As I am writing this blog, I can see my husband thinking and working his hands on the Rubik’s cube. I should say, like the many others around the world, we have succumbed to the magic of cubes; and often find ourselves drawing patterns to solve the puzzle!

Indeed, it appears to be a simple colourful cube with coloured stickers of red, blue, yellow, green, orange and white that waits to be twisted, turned and configured into same-colour combination on each side.

The moment we lay our hands on it, our minds surrender to its puzzling mishmash. When least expecting, we are rewarded with the perfect cubic arrangement too. However, we have still not managed to find “how we got it correct”.

The story of Rubik’s cube began with Erno Rubik’s 1974 invention of “a working model to help explain three-dimensional geometry.” A work of art, the mobile sculpture was thought of as a symbol of ‘stark contrasts of human conditions such as simplicity, complexity, stability and dynamism’.

Eventually, this professor of architecture in Budapest (Hungary) managed to solve the Cube for himself in well over a month’s time. Amazingly, these magic cubes have become one of the world’s best selling toys.

Solving puzzles are the most addictive games and mental exercises that have remained stable in our life. From playing scrabble to chess, bubble-shooter to bridge games, there is an assortment of mind games. Little wonder then, to find a Rubik’s cube making its way not only to a child’s toy collection but also to the office recreation.

April – A Poetry, A Day



April has been considered as the National Poetry Writing Month in the United States of America and Canada.
I came across the NaPoWriMo 2014 news (Thanks to WordPress) recently, and decided to stimulate my creative writing skills.
Since I began my NaPoWriMo 2014 experiment on the wordpress Page, I continue to edit and add a poem to the Page daily.

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What’s Up Man!





Smartphones are the necessary evils that keep our day busy with activities. With the amount of software downloads, as such, our life is centered on finger tips. Facebook, PIP Camera, EBook  Reader  and many such applications are in offer. These  are not only useful but also sources of image enhancers, which keep  the happy hormones flowing. Along with these, there is this software called WhatsApp messenger that offers cost cutting messaging applications and easy functionalities to keep us connected and entertained 24X7.

I remember the first time I set a Facebook profile. The long lost friends and acquaintances were soon only a click away. Yet with time, logging on, updating, reading the comments and counting the number of likes were waning away. My face then searched only for mails, the messages my friends and acquaintances from the book, sent through Facebook message system. Wow. That was such a relief. I was no more worried about a PC, an android phone insisting on software download, and if ignored the profile or pictures going public.

That is when I was gifted an android phone. My well-wisher, my husband, wanted me to have all the facilities under one roof. And he introduced me to WhatsApp.
What’s up? I cried out. Hush hush, as it sounded, I defined it as an application that did not disturb me much, especially when the setting is put on silent mode. And at the same time, it helped me share the messages, videos and images on an immediate basis. Along with it, there was entertainment in the form of jokes, current affairs, notification, and information circulation, which brought the WhatsApp users on the same platform.

Interestingly, the same joke may come from more than one contact and so do the dissection of news, views or even the jokes, for that matter. Though I am a lazy Facebook user when it comes to  reading and liking various Facebook pages, I could not resist ignoring the little jokes, and tit-bits on WhatsApp.

Wonder, who are the people behind? I like to call them the creative heads that can visualise and execute a joke from nothing. At the same time laugh at situations and make a joke based on their personal experience.

And as I kept myself fully occupied as a WhatsApp user, the dear old Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion, at a time when there were about one billion users.

Now, what do I say, we belong to both Facebook and WhatsApp. And we love tampering with our privacy settings and account settings. The creative heads continue to churn, irrespective of the software, and the audiences continue to pursue their entertaining and messaging means. In short, we feel smarter day by day in our online world.


Content Writing: A Marketing Strategy

Content Writing: A Marketing Strategy

 Writing is an art of expressing ideas, thoughts and information.  The concept of writing has been used through media as journalistic writing, creative writing, research writing, personal writing, and many other forms; and in the current context content writing.

In fact, content writing gained its prominence with Internet. This is mainly because “content writing is a branch of content marketing, which aims at writing in a way that draws the targeted audience to the site in engaging them to active participation. This participation may include readers commenting on blogs and social networks, clicking ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ or ‘Tweet’ about the written post or uploaded video.”
A good content strategy often begins with the use of search engine optimization (SEO) technique to obtain higher number of visits to the site.

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be defined as an Internet marketing strategy that helps to improve the visibility of a web page or a website in a search engine’s (e.g. Google, MSN, Yahoo) search results. A web writer makes use of keywords, searches for new keywords and works on specific keywords to get new traffic.

Here, it is necessary to mention search engine marketing (SEM), which in short, “is a form of Internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs).” In fact, it is a rather broad term that utilizes the technology of search engines with the goal of “combining the two processes of search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click advertising (PPC)”. Indeed, it would be better to say that, “no SEM campaign is complete without SEO.”

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