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Tears of fears
Fears of separation
Separation displeasing
Displeasing attachments
Attachments impromptu
Impromptu self-defined
Self-defined separations
Separations platitude
Platitude not fears
Fears tear away
Away tears

Published in 2015, In Knowing



Creepers entangled

Climbed the railing

Tendrils dangled

Soft, green, magical –

Curling in unbound strength

Wandered into infinity.

The solemn ferns

Wondered about its curls.


*Published in In Knowing, e-book

Copyright (c) 2015, Deeya Nayar-Nambiar


Scribbling scrambles
Thoughts travel terrain
Meandering meaningfully
I invite imagination.

Ideas indispensable
Mind mingles mandates
Rules rueful
Scribbling storyline silhouette.

Published in: In Knowing, 2015

In Knowing: Published Work


In Knowing, an anthology of seventy poems, is my third book in English.

A play of abstract, spiritual, philosophical, inspirational love and life poems, In Knowing, expresses myriad feelings, some defined and some left to conjure.

Perceptions, purely perspective, I have chosen words to match the free flow of emotions. That’s also one reason I decided to keep the count of the poems to “seventy”, the number associated with spirituality and sacredness.

But, what makes poetry lovable? I guess, it is only our “state of mind” at “that moment”. May be, it is our “poetic assumption”.

In Knowing, is a compilation of previously published poetry from my blog. I am grateful to all those writers/poets/artists in the blogging world whose “page visits”, “Likes” and “comments” have been very encouraging.

Thank You One and All.

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Warm Regards.