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Flustered not, she fluttered;

A minute on my watch ticked…

Fight not, flight arrested;

A pattern I traced as my watch ticked…

Tried hard, tired by then,

She stilled and I took over;

The window that lay ajar

Opened to the evening sun…

She fluttered and flustered I stood

A minute on my watch ticked…

She fought, and gained flight;

A pattern I traced as she found her way.

Tried till then, tired not yet,

The words swirl emotions

And minutes on my watch ticked

As patterns I chased fervently

Unknown to me minutes ago;

Life I see differently…

The Woman….


Marooned in her own island,

Searched within for the answers;

Her pains did not pain;

Her fears no more scared;

Her insecurities turned secure;

She was no more who she used to be.

Her reflections began to fade

And she evolved day by day.

The eyes, nose and lips were the same

And she smiled knowingly.

Satisfied in her new found freedom

In knowing her and knowing life,

In love with herself;

A significant human being

Sure of sharing and caring;

The woman that I am

I love her for her self

And I smile knowingly….


Remembering RK Laxman

Common man and Laxman

The time will never come to a standstill when we recall the witty and unique cartoons by RK Laxman. Over five decades have passed. But his penchant for little nuances of life as a “significant other” in his political cartoons, has established the reality of the common man as a silent spectator.

The time spent with The Times of India has always had an addictive note, especially in knowing the society through the eyes of the “Common Man”. Even before I understood the ways of politics, I knew the political scenario through the cartoons of RK Laxman.

This creator of “Common man” was known “for his acerbic cartoons lampooning political figures.” His “You Said It” column in The Times of India, since 1951, has had a spell on the newspaper readers. An epitome of life and situations, RK Laxman’s cartoons, were satirical short clips into the latest news events that have had a significant effect on the life of a common man.

Named as Rasipuram Krishnaswamy Laxman (Oct 24, 1921), RK Laxman was born in Mysore (Karnataka in South India) to a schoolmaster. “Since childhood I do not remember wanting to do anything else except draw,” RK Laxman says in his autobiography, The Tunnel of Time. (To quote, The Hindu).

Having been introduced to the legendary Indian English writer, RK Narayan at a very young age, I have unknowingly drawn parallels from the way the two brothers perceived an ordinary life. Their simple expressions of a difficult situation through words and sketches have made me explore the essence of simplicity.

This eminent political cartoonist will be fondly remembered.

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Inquisitive eyes searched

Listening to the roaring waves;

The unheard voices….

A celebration on a cold night

Friends, food and fun;

The renewed ties….

Caught us unaware

The warmth of the land suddenly strained;

The fury unleashed….

The sand and the weeds mysteriously disappeared

And the sea returned to claim its property;

The enigmatic space….

The wanderer in us turned pensive

Wading through the water;

A lifetime’s promise….