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Let the dead rest in peace

Wish the voices sleep.

Those dead are far gone

And the living dies many a death.

My stomach churns

And thoughts towards utopia disgust;

Speculative spectators whiling time away,




Concern in the name of justice.

Consumers to anything

Where premium is in our mind;

Do we care to know our own self?

Do I know who I truly am?

Let the dead rest in peace.

*Disclaimer: My thoughts on Indian media and the way a certain topic of a dead person is being handled. I may be lucky to stay away from print and broadcast media but, the impact it has been having on human consciousness, awakened my slumbering conscience.

2020, Deeya Nambiar

To tranquility

“Life is short.”

A statement, she repeated

Three times, expecting an emphasis.

My eyes were trained at the

Common black bird on maple tree

Quiet, unlike its usual chirpy self.

“To be lived and not short.

Here, now and the moment, I live.”

“Why disagree? We are one.” she murmured.

Another common black bird joined in

Together, in silence,

Seemed poised.

I paused my mind; to stillness and tranquility;

Silence embraced my heart and soul.

“In this life….”

2020, Deeya Nambiar