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With care I planted a tulsi sapling
Watered gently, washing every single leaf.
Droplets gathered at the tip
Appeared, tears of uncertainty
Of surviving the new environment.
Yet she ensured me
Of fresh and lasting fragrance
That, she emanated selflessly.
The sweetness spread in abundance
An unknown spiritual connect;
My hand touched for the first time
And I left her, to feel at home.

Water Flows to Still

“What would you like to have, regular or bottled water?”

How exotic does it sound, when water is addressed differently!

If the statistics are to be believed, there are more than 3000 brands of bottled water for the consumers. It is even more interesting to find the description of the “source of water” that goes along with the bottles. Not to forget, a brand means the water comes for a cost. The older the source of water, the upper goes the charges to drink it.

I agree that, water has taste. It depends on the type of water that we receive. At times, it may be the ‘odour and taste’ of the chemical that has been administered for its purification. Certainly, we follow our own rituals to make the water “germ free” and “safe”. Often it is with the help of a water purifier, but the traditional practice of boiling and cooling is the popular choice.

Trying to figure out the form of water, I close my eyes. A few seconds it takes, and I start visualizing clear, flowing water from the hills. It runs into rivulets, playfully dragging the fallen leaves and branches, and tracing paths and making new. It appears to enjoy every moment of its unrestrained free flow, elusive though. Yet, it remains pure.

I cup my hands to scoop the water, clean and transparent. Lifting my hands, slowly I take a gulp. Sweet…. I recall tasting the spring water in the hills of Mussoorie (A hill station in north India). Nostalgia hits! My eyes open searching. Indeed, our lifeline, water speaks mysteriously. And I reach out for my still water.

Nature Creates

Nature Creates

Often bound in the schedules I miss out on the little joy of writing. At such a time rain comes pouring, and the sleeping creativity flows in yearning. The many creative minds around the world might have had an occasion when their creative ventures took shape unbridled at a spur of Nature’s moment.

An acquaintance of mine, ended up creating an excellent music composition hiding himself in the greens and hills of Ooty (a hill-station in Tamil Nadu). Revered writers around the world have taken sojourn in Nature.

In fact, my appreciations for the desert when I visited one in real was on a philosophical note, largely due to the influence and inspiration ingrained in the subconscious, reading the works of Paulo Coelho.

Interestingly, I realise that my mind is therapeutically calm and free from any conflicting thoughts. Yet, I find myself writing. Wonder, how Nature works!