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Haven’t said a word,

Merely stared;

Care not what they meant.

Bubble burst into millions –


Yet, felt a million nerves.

The wind’s delicate stroke

Appeared a warning;

Passing thoughts arrested,

I wiped the sensation –


Yet, couldn’t stop my heart.

Haven’t heard the beat

Merely hoped;

A minute by minute passage –


Yet, remained alive and I breathe;

Remembering a life.

Copyright© 2015 Deeya Nayar-Nambiar

Our Stories?


Stories retold

Of prince and princess –

Valour, honour and the victor;

Wars and lives

They chased ….

Stories recreated

Of man and woman –

Emotions, feelings and situations;

Chances and living

They faced ….

Stories reread

Of fictional and non-fictional –

Characters, representation and wonderment;

Idealism or realism,

I pondered.

And our stories?

Realistically conceived,

 Professed, often;

Perceived and construed,

Told, created and read.

Each Soul on a journey,


Copyright© 2015 Deeya Nayar-Nambiar


Scribbling scrambles
Thoughts travel terrain
Meandering meaningfully
I invite imagination.

Ideas indispensable
Mind mingles mandates
Rules rueful
Scribbling storyline silhouette.

Published in: In Knowing, 2015


The watermelon rolled down
Splashed, when hit the stone;
Juice and flesh
Scattered all around.
Roads pleased
With showered droplets
Moments of pleasure, unexpected.
The little urchin ran to pick
Wary, yet take a bite
A treat it turned, unexpected.
And I stood there watching….