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May the child find a home

I couldn’t erase the haunting image of

A child trying to wake his

Dead mother.

Dead, from dehydration and exhaustion;

Exhaustion unimaginable, from days,

Days of walking and travelling,

Travelling to return to their homes.

I couldn’t erase the relieved words of

Some other blessed people.

People who said they were grateful,

Grateful for their karma,

Karma of being fortunate to good birth;

Good birth indeed.

Indeed life can mean returning to our roots.

I couldn’t erase my thoughts of

That child who is too young to know;

World in its formative period where,

Love, care, food and play makes sense.

Most of today may be forgotten, and

His cries will remain till memories fade.

May a mother give him a life in a home.

Stories of migrant labourers (India), especially footloose migrants, have been the news stories for sometime now.

I was deliberately avoiding the post of news-based poems though, have been writing a few on the current issues. Today, I thought of sharing my emotions.

2020, Deeya Nambiar

Cracks on her walls…

He vented his anger over

Loss of glory from his

Space and place.

She was an onlooker

Holding on to promises

Of good and bad times.

His anger, manifestation of fears.

Her insecurities, conscious camouflage.

Then she screamed, and he screamed.

Neighbours heard sympathetically.

My friend called up to say that, the

Cracks on her walls have been fixed.

Lockdown has been a boon and a bane. While news stories point at a rise in domestic violence, there are also some families who have managed to save their relationships.

2020, Deeya Nambiar

Her Ruby Pendant

Her ruby pendant was a celebration

Of loved and lost lives of the unknown hands

That had exchanged it, wonder how many times,

In a quest of money over relations.

Addressed as an antique piece from aeons,

Stories floated on it being ill-fated as well;

Especially, on day one of her association with the gem,

And day last of her association with her office –

She had called her home of life time.

Stepping outside had not been easy

For the concerned turned far more concerned for comfort

But she realised, she was at ease and breathed freedom.

What she had thought she loved, was lost .

When she willed herself to decide, she embraced the unknown.

Why did she not check the junk mails in her email, she cursed.

He was in a foreign land and a mere acquaintance

Who had once been around, and shared smiles in the cafeteria;

He was writing to her regularly, every Sunday since the day he left.

I happened to see her that day on a video call, sparkling

His words and her words, emotion-coloured expressions

Dazed, (is my word), she touched her ruby pendant absently.

Copyright © 2018, Deeya Nayar-Nambiar