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Talk to Perfect

Habits die hard. Habit of talking, many of us practice, required or not, we “know it all”. The talk takes different forms from friendly chit-chat, sweet nothings, comments to criticisms and advises. The interesting part is in the interpretations we associate with the talk.

The profession of teaching has many listeners. There are many fresh faces waiting eagerly to absorb the “lessons of life”. They feel their teacher/professor is “perfect” and the young adults declare they are far inferior to their teacher.

“Perfect”? How often has one teacher/professor faced the situation to tell their student that, “perfection comes with practice and constant learning”. Not wanting to dishearten them though. “Thank you. I appreciate”. The words bring smile on their faces.

Whether it is a passing statement or they truly mean it, those words are reassuring. Years might have been spent in the classrooms and countless faces should have interacted and distracted, but the habit of finding happiness in talks is relieving.

Perfection is infectious when it comes to journalistic expressions, creative writing or any form of artistic venture including daily cooking and leading one’s life. And as the teacher walks down the corridors to the staff room, she introspects her journey – the word looming large still.

Are we actually perfect?” Indeed we are perfect the way we are. But the perfection we inculcate through knowledge, wisdom and experience are meant to gain acceptance with others.

Keeping quiet to a comment is misinterpreted. Failing to acknowledge, when lost in thoughts, also gets misinterpreted. Every expression has a tendency to testify to a smile or a frown. Yet, each one of us feels perfect about oneself. We advise the other, again surrendering ourselves in expressions we best believe, with a picture we like to paint for ourselves.

A perfect talk, to me, is an imagery. The larger picture is “simple” and “perfect”.

Secure Your Valentine Financially


Valentine’s Day has turned out to be one of the best phases at the time of economic slowdown. If Cupid’s arrow has struck the right chord of love, there are better ways to ensure financial security for a lifetime than just a V-Day special momentary gift.

From financial strength to financial security, the various practical investment practices can permanently bind the hearts for ever.

Of course, winning your partner to listen to you is in your hands. But before you start going ahead with your wise investment plans, do a complete homework to be aware and well informed about the various available investment resources. Also as a novice, taking help from investment consultants is very essential. The final call will be any day yours.

“Where to begin” finds answer in trying out the time-tested investment avenue. “Gold is best suited for occasions like these, as it results in a successful marriage of investment objective and consumption needs,” suggested financial advisors.

Gold as an investment has been resorted by the wealthy families world over for centuries because they are portable as well as compact. “With uncertainty in the stock market and decline in the US dollar, investors are taking a fresh look at gold as an investment option. Gold works as a perfect hedge against investment in other assets,” experts explained.

“In fact, when other investments take a beating, gold investment tends to stabilise.”

There are banks offering gold coins. Other than that, Gold ETFs and gold deposit schemes floated by jewellery houses too fit the bill. Not far in the market, India Post, in association with World Gold Council and Reliance Money, is planning to launch a gold accumulation plan, which facilitates the purchase of small quantities when investors have the money during a particular month.

Indeed, most financial planners recommend gold exchange traded funds (ETFs) to physical gold. “The savings start right from the purchase stage. All sellers, including banks, charge a commission on the actual gold price. This can be 1-5 per cent.

“In case of an emergency, the real value of gold cannot be realised. Banks don’t buy back, they only lend against it. Jewellers buy it at a discount. Gold ETFs have none of these problems,” experts explained.

In comparison to buying jewellery, a gold fund or ETF would be a better option as it has shown steady returns even during the most uncertain times.

Going beyond gold, there are other ways to secure for life. A health or life insurance policy for your loved ones, mutual funds with monthly or yearly returns, or even the monthly income scheme with post offices are a marriage of two souls to financial well-being.

“Like the sale schemes being offered by retailers across the country, the stock market too is in discount mode, with several large-cap stocks being available at extremely low valuations.

Moreover, the ongoing tax-saving season provides you with an opportunity to help your spouse plan his/her taxes as well. An equity-linked savings scheme (ELSS) with a good track record would be the ideal choice, as its lock-in feature would eliminate the chances of making withdrawals before three years.”

The underlying cause for many couples to take the extreme step to separation or divorce has for ages been the aspect of money and wealth. Financial security not only ensures a safe relationship, but also a healthy family reunion. V-Day is only an open invitation to think for a better tomorrow, if still you are not sure.