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Daughter! Blessed.

It was Daughter's Day 
a few days ago.

Social media rejoiced

in posts of celebrations.

I feel blessed

to be a daughter everyday.

Yesterday, but
A daughter succumbed to fate

Reiterating stagnant mindset,
justified time and again.

"You're but a blessed daughter,

in someone's unheard eulogy."

*The news story, another in
numbers of crime against women
that have never found answers
as to "why again?",
what was her fault?",
“did anyone in her village
remember her for being a
supportive and hard working
daughter?, and "what did she
do to deserve this birth?".
May her soul
transition in peace.

2020, Deeya Nambiar

I know not my home

My home is here

Two countries divided

I know who I am

I know not my house anymore.

What is different anyway?

We are the same in flesh and blood

I know who I am

I know not my house anymore.

Could I wipe the smell of fear?

My body seems to have forgotten its own.

My house is where I am

I know not my home anymore.

* In difficult times, call it race, caste or any kind of inhumanity, often people are filled with insecurities about not only their “home” but also their “existence’. My thoughts.

2020, Deeya Nambiar