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What Say?

The drilling work was in progress;

The sound, unbearable.

Unusual as it may sound,

My mind was drawn

To people from the past;

Rich, famous and the change-makers –

The contributors who shared the walls,

Painting shades to the landscape called History.

Often quoted on occasions,

They breathe through the medium offered

And exist in the seconds of our memory clock.

A drill into their lives happen frequently;

That sounds unbearable!

Dissected time and again

With none to clarify

Their privacy gets auctioned off

And their pains never felt, sincerely.

Wish, the dead ‘rest in peace’.


The Quest Within


The quest within

Continued; never willing to satiate.

Sublime my world;

Reassured my Self, honestly.

The many unspoken words

Permeated deep within;

Extinct became peripheral malady.

My soul purged

With hope, love, courage and perseverance,

Meandered into the dark:

Labyrinth gave way to light

And the quest within

Continued as the sole truth in my life.

Simple Wish of A Woman


Women are women. The forwards on whatsapp, email and other social networking sites, have had a great deal of women-centric jokes and “respect women” messages.

That’s when I read a piece of news about a 100-year-old woman, who has fulfilled her wish to see the ocean, feel the sand and the sea recently. For Ruby Holt it was a wish of a lifetime.

She is one of the lucky few.

However, there are women around the globe, who may not have had an opportunity to fulfill their simple wishes. Life is defined differently for them. They work long; run their homes and rest to plan for the next day.

If asked, “do you have any wish?” the reply is predictable. “My wish is to see my children happy”. She is proud of her strength, and her ability to share her family responsibility. Everything that she does, she calls it her duty.

Such women hardly complain. I learnt it from my mother. And they find ways to keep themselves happy.

I recall a paragraph from Paulo Coelho’s “The Valkyries”…. I quote it from purely a woman’s point of view.

“She was a strong woman, although she appeared to be a weak one. She was a person who walked the path of love, regarding it as the only possible road to wisdom. A path where mysteries were revealed through surrender and forgiveness. She was seeing it with such clarity!”