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In our journey

Her thoughts never left her;

Caged her.

Bound her.

Life paused in past.

And I tried to wake her;

Warn her;

Remind her –

Life is in the present.

She looked at me;

Stared at me;

Reprimanded me.

“You have not lived my journey.”

Indeed I didn’t.

I sat down welcoming the silence.

“I am here now, in your present;

Life and blood, in our journey.

2020, Deeya Nambiar

To tranquility

“Life is short.”

A statement, she repeated

Three times, expecting an emphasis.

My eyes were trained at the

Common black bird on maple tree

Quiet, unlike its usual chirpy self.

“To be lived and not short.

Here, now and the moment, I live.”

“Why disagree? We are one.” she murmured.

Another common black bird joined in

Together, in silence,

Seemed poised.

I paused my mind; to stillness and tranquility;

Silence embraced my heart and soul.

“In this life….”

2020, Deeya Nambiar