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Walk to Life

It was a Sunday morning. The Sun was yet to light the day to brightness. The slight chill of November was refreshing. And we were feeling the wind as we set on a bike ride.

The roads were rather quiet except for a few early risers. But the parks were livelier with “morning walkers”, and “strong believers of fitness mantra”.

There were some who walked their dogs, while the others jogged with music plugged in their ears, and some others who chose quieter corners to practice meditation.

We parked our bike outside one such park that faced the sea; a visual delight. Its endless broad pavement with planted trees on the sides, were indeed welcoming.

We were instantly drawn to a few elderly people who had stopped by to relax on the benches. Their faces reflected an inner peace and their friendly smile spread warmth. Though they seemed to be relaxing, they were concentrating on the slow exercises, moving their aging hands and legs carefully.

Their exuberance was infectious. Without realising, I found myself following their steps. My hands moved along with my feet; I slowed myself to unwind the tension that had built on my neck. An occupational hazard that, I am tackling on a weekly basis.

Surprisingly, we kept walking along the path with little distraction. We did not share any conversation, neither family nor the office. The only awareness was a kind of undefined happiness.

The sea appeared calm to the wind ruffles. However, our eyes were fixed at the undefined azure stretch of sky and sea. Incidentally, both of us were thinking about the infinite in our stretch of lives.

How many hours had passed by, we did not recollect. We were back on our bike riding, and the undefined presence of Sun as our “Guardian Angel” kept us company.