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Cherish Banarasi Saree


The Indian handloom and cottage industries have emerged stronger after every unwarranted crisis for years. The past has always sown seeds of hope. The Banarasi saree’s recent geographical indications (GI) status is an achievement worth mentioning.

With this the story of duplication comes under scrutiny as “the GI rights are the intellectual property rights that restrict others from marketing or processing a product in the same name.”

September saw the Banarasi silk product register as the ‘Banaras Brocades and Sarees’ under Geographical Indications (GI) Act.

According to experts “the GI status would benefit about 12 lakh people associated directly or indirectly with the handloom silk industry of the region because it would restrict the misuse of Banarasi saree brand. As per the GI certificate issued by the registrar of GI, the Banaras Brocades and Sarees fall in four classes (13-26) that include silk brocades, textile goods, silk saree, dress material and silk embroidery. The registration is for 10 years and it may be further renewed.”

It is easy to find skilled labour, but maintaining the tradition needs attention and care. Though at the policy level there is a need for protection from cheap silk and powerloom houses, the challenge to reintroduce Banarasi sarees as a brand is not anymore a dream in waiting. The sweat, blood and about eight years struggle of many weavers to restore the lost glory and grandeur of the Banarasi sarees is set to begin a new innings.

Elephant Finds Work

The recession hit world has seen more and more people jobless for reasons known and unknown to them; but of course best known to their bosses. It is even interesting to know that some point out factors like negative vibes and lack of energy as the reasons to save their own insecure positions. At such a time, the news of elephants finding a new job comes as a pleasant surprise.


This is the story of Sharoon, Ambika, Sumitra and Mohini that have joined the Pench and Satpura tiger reserves in Madhya Pradesh, their new office. The four elephants lost their job in Andaman and Nicobar after the Apex Court in 2001 banned the felling of trees in the Islands.

The poor elephants had nothing to do. Also maintaining the animals, given their diet, they were soon turning into a financial burden. The size of course matters. But thanks to our tourism industry, the elephants found a transfer to the mainland to take up their new role.

“We brought these four elephants few days back and of them, two each have been involved in Pench and Satpura in the job of patrolling the jungles and ferrying tourists,” said H S Pabla Principal Chief Conservator of Forest (Wildlife).

Here, I am reminded of the song, “Friends of Elephant”, composed by Paul Hippeau.

The elephant is a friend to man
More than the dog, it’s constant.
And now indeed our turn has come
To be the Friend of the Elephant.

Obama’s Taste Of Lincoln

January 20 is etched in the history of the United States as a new era of responsibility. A new president is sworn-in and the day is looked forward to as a new beginning. Barack Hussein Obama, the 44th President of United States, has not just many promises for the world but many firsts to his credit too.

He is not only the first African-American President but also the first US president to swear on the burgundy velvet Bible that Abraham Lincoln used during his 1861 inauguration.

According to a news report, Obama is said to have been “deeply honoured” to have the first use of the Lincoln Bible since the Civil War to “provide a powerful connection to our common past and common heritage”.

“Obama has drawn inspiration from Lincoln, who faced the toughest challenge as a president with a nation divided by Civil War.”

His “extraordinary inspiration” is visible in the selection of his team too. He has inducted a number of political rivals, including Hillary Clinton, into his cabinet, which is a strategy reminiscent of the “team of rivals” approach of Lincoln.

That’s not all, a self-professed follower of Abraham Lincoln, Obama also went on to have on his lunch menu the food eaten by Lincoln after his inauguration. And thus based on the tastes of Lincoln, seafood stew, pheasant and duck with chutney, and apple cinnamon sponge cake made way to the table.

The president in his swearing-in ceremony warned the nation of the tough times while pledging hard work. “Today I say to you that the challenges we face are real. They are serious and they are many. They will not be met easily or in a short span of time. But know this, America – they will be met.
“On this day, we gather because we have chosen hope over fear, unity of purpose over conflict and discord.”

In a divided world, where fear, scare and insecurity have taken a toll, Obama is a ray of hope. Wish peace and faith spread beyond the inaugural speech…