Tag: Sea



On an expectant full-moon night

The breezy evening light

 Leaving inhibitions on the shore

I dig my feet into the sand

Writing the words of hope in anticipation;

The distant roar of the tides

I hear with a shudder but

The waves come calmly –

Collective messenger in manifestation;

Gathering words, rinsing feet and

Depositing strange travellers

Living and dead to hope in anticipation;

The spreads of blue with no distinct line

Past, present and future a transcendental straight line

I devour spontaneity

Layers of washed sand visuals

The mystic sea, resplendent.



Inquisitive eyes searched

Listening to the roaring waves;

The unheard voices….

A celebration on a cold night

Friends, food and fun;

The renewed ties….

Caught us unaware

The warmth of the land suddenly strained;

The fury unleashed….

The sand and the weeds mysteriously disappeared

And the sea returned to claim its property;

The enigmatic space….

The wanderer in us turned pensive

Wading through the water;

A lifetime’s promise….