Tag: Self

A Little…

pileA pile of books fell,

       Not because it was organised disorderly;

“A little more” of my expectation

From the rack I brought recently,

But could not sustain a day longer, broke.

Re-living the circumstance presently

“A little space” in my expectation

From existence to purpose lingered seemingly

A pile of me fell off existentialism.

Copyright© 2015 Deeya Nayar-Nambiar

The Woman….


Marooned in her own island,

Searched within for the answers;

Her pains did not pain;

Her fears no more scared;

Her insecurities turned secure;

She was no more who she used to be.

Her reflections began to fade

And she evolved day by day.

The eyes, nose and lips were the same

And she smiled knowingly.

Satisfied in her new found freedom

In knowing her and knowing life,

In love with herself;

A significant human being

Sure of sharing and caring;

The woman that I am

I love her for her self

And I smile knowingly….