Flash Fiction- Life Blooms

Last year, mid-September, I had seeds from a neatly scooped bell pepper. The amateur gardener in me, ensured the seeds were buried deep in the nearest pot that was once a home of a spring onion. The size of the pot was no match for the number of seeds; and the mud was a poorContinue reading “Flash Fiction- Life Blooms”

Women’s Day : A Random Thought

There is a girl in every woman, waiting eagerly to be allowed, the freedom and happiness. Some of us are fortunate to let the girl express, time after time, in exciting “simple things”; in the quietness of the woman’s “me time” ; in willing surrender; and in the moments of happy family and friend’s time.Continue reading “Women’s Day : A Random Thought”

Daughter! Blessed.

It was Daughter’s Day a few days ago.Social media rejoiced in posts of celebrations.I feel blessed to be a daughter everyday.Yesterday, butA daughter succumbed to fate;Reiterating stagnant mindset,justified time and again.”You’re but a blessed daughter, in someone’s unheard eulogy.”*The news story, another in numbers of crime against women that have never found answers as toContinue reading “Daughter! Blessed.”

Short Fiction: “Tinking back in a knitwear is easier…”

In the intrinsic patterns of knitted sweater, she ran her fingers, tracing the maze, feeling default in the original design. Stereotypes woven deep inside belief, her titles of obedience and multitasking, were default settings of original design. “Tinking back in a knitwear is easy, undoing stereotypes is but a maze in itself.” Her thoughts formulated.Continue reading “Short Fiction: “Tinking back in a knitwear is easier…””

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