Silk: The Queen Of Fabrics

India is the biggest consumer of silk though it is only second to China when it comes to production.
Silk has its roots in the culture and tradition of India and has evolved with time to be used for designer clothes and T-shirts. Even the concept of Ahima silk is being well received.

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BTW – Fashion Silk

Precautions during wash

– Always wash silks in soft water. Add a pinch of Borax or ammonia, if water is hard use a good neutral soap or light detergent in the case of hard water.

– Wash in lukewarm water by kneading and squeezing or suction.

– Add a few drops of citric acid or acetic acid to the final rinse in cold water

Silk with doubtful colour fastness may be steeped in cold water with a small amount of citric or acetic acid for 1-2 minutes before washing. Squeeze lightly by hand to remove water.

– Always dry flat, in shade.

– Iron silk cloth in low to medium heat and never spray water to dampen silk before ironing. This will cause water-spots on the fabric.

– Silk should always be ironed on the reverse side if still damp.

– While storing silk make sure the environment is clean and if the storage is prolonged, periodic airing and brushing is advisable.

– Avoid direct contact with wood and also wrap zari saris in cotton cloth to avoid discolouring of zari.

– Keep silica sachets in store racks.

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