Nature Creates

Nature Creates

Often bound in the schedules I miss out on the little joy of writing. At such a time rain comes pouring, and the sleeping creativity flows in yearning. The many creative minds around the world might have had an occasion when their creative ventures took shape unbridled at a spur of Nature’s moment.

An acquaintance of mine, ended up creating an excellent music composition hiding himself in the greens and hills of Ooty (a hill-station in Tamil Nadu). Revered writers around the world have taken sojourn in Nature.

In fact, my appreciations for the desert when I visited one in real was on a philosophical note, largely due to the influence and inspiration ingrained in the subconscious, reading the works of Paulo Coelho.

Interestingly, I realise that my mind is therapeutically calm and free from any conflicting thoughts. Yet, I find myself writing. Wonder, how Nature works!

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