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The Click

The Click

Sans rain

Heat beats the dry wind

On a warm day;

I pick up the umbrella.

Sans makeup

Natural Self bears to unwind

At home on a Sunday;

I pick up the camera.

Sans adventure

Ears tune into the music rewind

When sunny side finds her way;

I capture the umbrella girl on camera.



I met a few strangers

In the beginning of the year;

I met them as acquaintances

Toward the end of the year.

The second time I chanced to see them,

They were not as people I knew;

The another time I knew them

They became the past I had shared.

Wonder why I was to meet them?

Wonder why it was the first and the only?

Hard to erase the single encounter;

Hard to point out the reason.

I stopped taking account of life,

I counted the memories I re-live;

I looked upon the present,

In the moment I lived with the many.

Destiny survived my interpretation

Destined to meet those I met unknowingly;

Strangers or acquaintances I cared not to think

Purpose or reason I dared not to probe.

Yet the ones I hardly knew but met

Meant to be the part for once I chanced to meet;

The years there were many,

The faces infinite in those years….

Writing About Yourself?

“Write about yourself in 250 words.” A task I gave myself a couple of months ago. “Ah! This is going to be really interesting”. I exclaimed. And I sat down to write in my diary.

A few minute of “I”, “me”, “I ‘m” and I found myself completely lost for words;  the words that came by easily and took the form I gave my writing. The humour was at bay, seriousness failed to stop by, and emotions withheld from display.

It was very easy to say “I am so and so” and “I did this and that” and crack a joke at your own cost. But when deciding to write about “yourself”, I began to ponder. “Who am I?” “Am I what my achievements are?” or “Am I what people told me, who they think I am” or “Am I the person who speaks to myself when in solitude?”

I could not arrive at an answer. With every situation I was finding a different “I”. While at work the search was for an academic “I”, at home “I became truly myself”, and in a group it was I who selected an “I” that the situation demanded.

I could not believe that even when it came to writing about myself, the true self seemed apprehensive about being a story teller. It surprised me. Making a bio-data was easy but “yourself” had significance beyond the perceived.

I scribbled a few sentences as if they were my first writing assignment in life. Expressed in simple and lucid language, the complications of “I” and the frills of exaggeration gained with time were erased effortlessly.Those few sentences were indeed “who I am”.

My heart goes out to all those who pen down their true self, honestly and sincerely.

Walk to Life

It was a Sunday morning. The Sun was yet to light the day to brightness. The slight chill of November was refreshing. And we were feeling the wind as we set on a bike ride.

The roads were rather quiet except for a few early risers. But the parks were livelier with “morning walkers”, and “strong believers of fitness mantra”.

There were some who walked their dogs, while the others jogged with music plugged in their ears, and some others who chose quieter corners to practice meditation.

We parked our bike outside one such park that faced the sea; a visual delight. Its endless broad pavement with planted trees on the sides, were indeed welcoming.

We were instantly drawn to a few elderly people who had stopped by to relax on the benches. Their faces reflected an inner peace and their friendly smile spread warmth. Though they seemed to be relaxing, they were concentrating on the slow exercises, moving their aging hands and legs carefully.

Their exuberance was infectious. Without realising, I found myself following their steps. My hands moved along with my feet; I slowed myself to unwind the tension that had built on my neck. An occupational hazard that, I am tackling on a weekly basis.

Surprisingly, we kept walking along the path with little distraction. We did not share any conversation, neither family nor the office. The only awareness was a kind of undefined happiness.

The sea appeared calm to the wind ruffles. However, our eyes were fixed at the undefined azure stretch of sky and sea. Incidentally, both of us were thinking about the infinite in our stretch of lives.

How many hours had passed by, we did not recollect. We were back on our bike riding, and the undefined presence of Sun as our “Guardian Angel” kept us company.