Category: Poetry

A Lover’s Eye



I waited all night

Tracing the path of the light.

The glow never once failed

And the rinsed clouds hailed.

As an afterthought,

Recollecting the ideas I bought

I looked through lover’s eyes;

The darkness in black did not lie….

He stirred the night into a silver bowl

And washed me deep down the soul;

Feeling the momentary pleasure unwind

I raised my hands to bind,

Conveying the message of a lifetime,

Renewing the promise on full moon night, every time.

Life ‘n Dreams


In the waking dreams

And the sleeping dreams

I’m torn between

Imagination and aspiration.

Did I realise life

In living dreams

And ghosts of past glorious dreams?

Am left wondering

If life treated me

Or I treated life

In recalling dreams

And cherishing moments of dreams!

I walk with my life

Accepting flavours of life

And I’m living with dreams

Waking to infinite dreams….