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Recalling Minutes from the Walk: A Wonderful Self-Discovery

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Englischer Garten, Munchen

Walking is a favourite pastime for me. Long walks into the forest pathways have often been therapeutic.

One evening, on a sunny afternoon, I chose a path I never tried before. Each step I took, shaped into the famous poetic lines from Robert Frost’s poemThe Road Not Taken.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

I felt no different. It was the most beautiful day. Deeper into the woods, I was welcomed by a stream flowing unidirectional, and the mallard ducks swimming in the opposite direction.

The light wind tousled my hair and the sun-kissed leaves of the huge tree sizzled. And then I heard a wild calling. It was suddenly deafening to my ears. My courage took a U-turn and I stood searching. “Where am I in the woods?”…

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Flash Fiction- Life Blooms

Last year, mid-September, I had seeds from a neatly scooped bell pepper.

The amateur gardener in me, ensured the seeds were buried deep in the nearest pot that was once a home of a spring onion.

The size of the pot was no match for the number of seeds; and the mud was a poor version of its original self which had obviously seen better days.

However, I had been sincere to my duties of watering the pot.

This year, March-end, I am counting tiny bell peppers in the jungle of plants, standing strong through the moody weather.

“I guess plants adjust better to circumstances than us.” I murmured.

“Where there is love, life blooms.” He said thoughtfully.

© 2021, Deeya Nambiar

Remembering Tagore

Today is the anniversary of birthday, of Rabindranath Tagore, poet-philosopher and many more talents to quote.

My eyes moist and heart fills with pride when, I sing and listen to Indian National Anthem.

My humble salutation.


Music To Heart and Soul


Some days I sit long hours glaring into the computer screen. I know what I want to write. But, the words simply refuse to come and thoughts vanish into oblivion.

Here I am in one such boundless moment where, the mind is behaving meditative and I sense an absolute blankness.

However, somewhere deep within, I hear one of my favourite Rabindrasangeet play. “Aaguner parashmoni chhnoao praane E jibon punnyo karo……….” The lines literally mean “purify my soul”. And blessed I feel.

I do not remember the ‘first time’ when I got to listen to this song. But I do remember the ‘every time’ when I listen to this song, I’m overwhelmed with emotions.

The lines written in Bengali with its in-depth meaning, spoke the universal language. It touched my heart deeply.

It is then that I picked up an English translation of Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore’s Gitanjali (Song Offerings), a collection of poems.

To me, the precious creation is an honest heart’s journey of life in communion with the Almighty, and the spiritual connection in every simple thing that makes them the most extraordinary beings in life.

This year marks Gurudev’s (as he is fondly called) 154 Birth Anniversary (May 7, 1861). His creative endeavours are still refreshing.

To quote one of my dearest friends from West Bengal, “Meaning changes with each passing phase of life….That’s the magic of Gitanjali.” “That’s the magic of Rabindrasangeet too,” I added.

Little wonder, my mind plays his music therapeutically. And I write, the words from my heart.

Originally published, May 7, 2014


Daily Prompt: Vegetal

“Am not looking my best, but you will relish me, I promise.” My mind never stops talking when I am in the market and laying hands on the green vegetal. Often, it is the feel of it that, leads to visualisation of the dinner menu on the table.

The cabbages, carrots, bell peppers are always easy-to-pick. The green peas frozen and fresh pods are more of a decision because they differ in flavours when cooked. Deciding between celery and coriander is yet another task for most of my Indian cooking, especially the north Indian dishes, taste wonderful to a hint of coriander.

The spinach washed clean, green, tender, are always welcome. Yet, I have to replay the vegetal aroma to match the dishes. Without doubt, a dish of spinach that retains its original flavour is the most preferred these days.

That reminds, the selection I had to make from the assorted sprouts in packets.  A week into vacation, left me with little choice but to buy the ‘usual’ home germinated beans and pulses, and home-made yogurt.

However, in a local market the vendors do not place the name plates for the veges . With the global touch, the vegetable markets have an array of lettuce, broccoli, zucchini and such other foreign guests laid alongside the popular and the desi (local) collections. Guess, that is the first reason, why I had visited the net to learn about the vegetal.

Interestingly, the dictionary meaning turned into another search from vegetables, to vegetal characteristics of unripe grapes in wine, to vegetal cells in embryology.

Let time decide. My concern for the day is, dinner for two.

Daily Prompt – Vegetal

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