Flash Fiction- Life Blooms

Last year, mid-September, I had seeds from a neatly scooped bell pepper.

The amateur gardener in me, ensured the seeds were buried deep in the nearest pot that was once a home of a spring onion.

The size of the pot was no match for the number of seeds; and the mud was a poor version of its original self which had obviously seen better days.

However, I had been sincere to my duties of watering the pot.

This year, March-end, I am counting tiny bell peppers in the jungle of plants, standing strong through the moody weather.

โ€œI guess plants adjust better to circumstances than us.โ€ I murmured.

โ€œWhere there is love, life blooms.โ€ He said thoughtfully.

ยฉ 2021, Deeya Nambiar

6 thoughts on “Flash Fiction- Life Blooms

  1. Thank you. Maintaining the plants require so much care. Google has loads of information . And Iโ€™m learning something new about plants/indoor gardening ๐Ÿ˜€.

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