Tag: Poetry


Door shut behind.

Ventured out in the dark

Far, further, and further away

Whispers heard no longer

Alone walked miles, and

Fear went away, ashamed.



On a trek, toward a hill top

The rolling stones, haphazard ways and cactus plants

Crossed the path, again and again.

A bald patch of land stood alone

Senses turned triumphant, though;

A vision arrested

From the path that divided, where

The azure sky glittered golden

And the geometrical land patterns held out puzzles below;

The sun rays reached out to both

Play of light and dark, illusion and shadow.

Distant from noise, pollution and people

Distant from relationships and commitments;

A few hours of solitude;

An unexplained long pause

On conversation, thoughts and subconscious;

But once the mind reeled on

Love draped to the roles of

Relationships designed, denied and defined.

Presumptuous to existence comes alive

And the descend to the start turned casual;

Nature spreads the balm yet the mind scripted.

Sand Trails…

Trailing along quietly

The sand followed me home

From the seashore to the building.

Dropping grains wherever I stepped;

Creating mounds where slippers fell;

Appearing dusty in the clatter,

The cutters of the modern house.

Took many days to clean wipe,

Traces erased to clear perfection.

Yet glitters from the corners;

The sand lives along silently.



Golden borders emboss clouds alive
Sun lets rays seep through clear sky
Paint brush spills water on the floor
Oh there’s a natural splendour
Unlike the original
The painting still looks magnificent….