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With care I planted a tulsi sapling
Watered gently, washing every single leaf.
Droplets gathered at the tip
Appeared, tears of uncertainty
Of surviving the new environment.
Yet she ensured me
Of fresh and lasting fragrance
That, she emanated selflessly.
The sweetness spread in abundance
An unknown spiritual connect;
My hand touched for the first time
And I left her, to feel at home.

And The Year Rolls…


And the year rolled out.

May not be the best to judge

May not be the best to know

Creativity blooms

Blossoms with the idea

Seeds sown when I did not know

Writing flows

Hopes smitten by dreams

Reality intrigues my creative bend

Being realistic

Rustic blooms

Blossoms reflect amateurism

Seeds sown when I did not know

And yet the year rolls out…


I met a few strangers

In the beginning of the year;

I met them as acquaintances

Toward the end of the year.

The second time I chanced to see them,

They were not as people I knew;

The another time I knew them

They became the past I had shared.

Wonder why I was to meet them?

Wonder why it was the first and the only?

Hard to erase the single encounter;

Hard to point out the reason.

I stopped taking account of life,

I counted the memories I re-live;

I looked upon the present,

In the moment I lived with the many.

Destiny survived my interpretation

Destined to meet those I met unknowingly;

Strangers or acquaintances I cared not to think

Purpose or reason I dared not to probe.

Yet the ones I hardly knew but met

Meant to be the part for once I chanced to meet;

The years there were many,

The faces infinite in those years….



Thoughts not restrained

I meant to say

Words weighed…

Absolutely meant

To say heartfelt

Words weighed…

Caught unexpected

Paused by minutes

Words weighed…

I meant to say

Thoughts not restrained