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Cracks on her walls…

He vented his anger over

Loss of glory from his

Space and place.

She was an onlooker

Holding on to promises

Of good and bad times.

His anger, manifestation of fears.

Her insecurities, conscious camouflage.

Then she screamed, and he screamed.

Neighbours heard sympathetically.

My friend called up to say that, the

Cracks on her walls have been fixed.

Lockdown has been a boon and a bane. While news stories point at a rise in domestic violence, there are also some families who have managed to save their relationships.

2020, Deeya Nambiar


mother and child
A reprint copy of Raja Ravi Varma’s painting “Krishna in the Lap of Mother Yashoda”

Stood below a banyan tree in the vicinity

On a cloudy night where lightning flickered

I envisaged the lighting across the street

Adorned to welcome the festival of light

And the wail of the newborn shrilled the air.

The roots set to bond deep

Through tap roots and prop roots

Offering to nourish and nurture

Nature leads and instincts act

And a mother is born.

Copyright© 2015 Deeya Nayar-Nambiar