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Explain Love

As I sit thinking

My husband puts his arms around,

My shoulders feel his warmth

A smile spreads instantly.

As our eyes meet

I say, I love you,

A sensory reaction

I fail to explain….

My personal diary is dusty and outdated.

Have shared with her everything;

A silent witness to my tantrums too.

She means not much to me now

Yet I cannot imagine parting;

As I look at her in the cabinet

I say, I love you,

A sensory reaction

I fail to explain….

A few days ago I got a mesh fitted

To keep the intruding pigeons away;

Yet they built a modest nest outside the kitchen

And the couple continued to live unaffected.

Annoyed though, I cannot stop feeding them

For the sheer joy of seeing them together.

As their eyes meet mine in fear

I say, I love you,

A sensory reaction

I fail to explain….


Published in Feeling the Way, (2012)

Love Blooms


With the approaching Valentine’s Day, the markets have taken a formal business approach to ‘forever’. The sale boards at branded showrooms, the branded watches, clothes and shoes in the online markets -offers many, target audience the same. What to say, life has never been so very brand conscious ever, before.

Some of the forwards I received recently, listed out a month long season of love and romance. Roses are red, hugs are warm, chocolates are sweet, love blooms into Valentine’s Day. Worth the price or not, money flows in pursuit of commitment. Some turn long-lasting and some fade within months.

Reasons behind each day of celebration, not many really do know.

Nevertheless love sells the brands; even if there is an artist within us, most often the preference is to select a card with beautiful wordings and a brand name.

After spending a couple of hours window-shopping and sitting to watch the young hearts on a “shopping spree”, my husband and I leave the mall hand in hand. My mind tried to recollect a few line’s of Robert Browning. (Life in Love)

Escape me?
While I am I, and you are you,
So long as the world contains us both,
Me the loving and you the loth,
While the one eludes, must the other pursue.