Explain Love

As I sit thinking

My husband puts his arms around,

My shoulders feel his warmth

A smile spreads instantly.

As our eyes meet

I say, I love you,

A sensory reaction

I fail to explain….

My personal diary is dusty and outdated.

Have shared with her everything;

A silent witness to my tantrums too.

She means not much to me now

Yet I cannot imagine parting;

As I look at her in the cabinet

I say, I love you,

A sensory reaction

I fail to explain….

A few days ago I got a mesh fitted

To keep the intruding pigeons away;

Yet they built a modest nest outside the kitchen

And the couple continued to live unaffected.

Annoyed though, I cannot stop feeding them

For the sheer joy of seeing them together.

As their eyes meet mine in fear

I say, I love you,

A sensory reaction

I fail to explain….


Published in Feeling the Way, (2012)

Published by Deeya Nambiar

I believe in taking every day as a learning phase, and exploring my writing skills. I have enjoyed the challenges as a journalist, content writer and college lecturer, and at the moment am living life analysing the extraordinary in the ordinary!

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