I Lost My Job. Could This Be The Reason?

A friend of mine called up this morning to inform that she has lost her job. She did not cry but her sarcasm-filled tone could repeat nothing but what her immediate boss had to justify. In her words the “gyan-patti”… Guess what?


“The company feels you do not fit the company profile?”

She wondered why did the company select me in the first place?


“At the same time I did not get any positive vibes from you?”

She laughed, vibes from work or not being too pally with the boss?


“You lack energy.”

She chuckled, “Energy! I did not know that I was part of a health drink ad?”

“But never once, he mentioned I was a bad performer.” She added.

Once she was finished with her statement, I sat to analyse. Somewhere I felt, the answer lies in the logic. “Your bosses actually find unreasonable reasons to make you leave your job willingly.”

Probably, these were the reasons cited to save his insecure seat?

Summing up from my friends conversation, there appeared three possibilities that you need to check before deciding to join a company.

One, It is better to choose a boss who is not of the same age group and experience.

Second, if your boss has an ego that cannot distinguish the right and wrong, he sees you as a possible threat. And in recession friends turn foes.

Third, your confidence and popularity with the team members gives rise to inferiority and insecurity.

Neither she nor anyone, will ever know what turns your bosses off during recession.

One thought on “I Lost My Job. Could This Be The Reason?

  1. i agree with you on the last line, noone knows what willl turn the boss off. From my whatever experience i have gathered and mere wisdom, bosses are meant to be bad. So take them as they are.TC:)))


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