Want to Write, But Don’t Know How

Writing comes naturally. I agree. But when a student asked me, “How to write?”, I had to think differently. Reason, writing may come naturally but what makes a good writing requires serious preparations.

Learning to write well involves mastering the language, practicing daily and expressing well. Here are some tried and tested simple steps. For a quick read, I restrict them to FIVE points.

1. Reading improves language: Writing requires a good command over language and grammar. Whether you are planning to write in your mother tongue or English, it is through reading articles/ books regularly that, you can strengthen your language.

2. Begin slowly, but write daily: Forget what you have been doing all these years. If you are determined to write, make it a habit to write everyday. Always remember, practice makes a man perfect. In fact, it is by practicing that you develop your own style of writing.

3. Endless subjects and creative thinking: Without wondering “what should I write about”, select your subject/topic from things that inspire you. It can be a newspaper article on wrist watches, beautiful scenery on your way to a holiday destination, the baseball game you had viewed on the internet or your pet dog that keeps you company. Use words to the best and think creatively to make your subject interesting.

4. Re-writing, a practice tool: Sometimes, you may lack the confidence to deal with a subject on your own. However, you can make an attempt to rewrite an article from a newspaper or magazine, and realise your strengths and weaknesses.

5. Presentation and content matters: The aim behind writing is to convey your subject/topic very well. But it is a good presentation of the subject that draws attention of an audience. There is nothing to worry if you manage to write only a few sentences as a beginner. Gradually, you will master the art of expressing in pages.

Writing is a slow and steady process to a sure win. There are no short cuts to good writing. Hence, if you are a beginner, it is essential to remind yourself to be patient and keep working hard towards your goal.

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