Way to Good Life

Parched leaves had gathered the verandah. The house had been abandoned for reasons well known to the owners. Neighbours informed that vastu dosha (defects/deficiency in the house) was the reason for its abandonment. I could not believe my ears! A beautiful bungalow with no occupants; it’s unfortunate.

It is a conventional practice to consult a Vastu expert before laying down the foundation of the house, and going ahead with the laid-plan. Along with it, the desire to have a problem-free, safe and secure life with opportunity to wealth, success, and property, we human beings can never stop short of demands and means to fulfil the demands.

Vastu Shastra is considered a science of architecture and construction. An ancient practice said to have originated from India, Vastu Shastra unifies “science, art, astronomy, and astrology”. In simple terms, it is a science of “directions and elements of nature” in relation to man.

Unlike the step-by-step methodical popular books on ‘how to win friends’, ‘awakening the subconscious to gain success’, ‘positive thinking’, ‘social and emotional intelligence’, the alternative methods to good life takes a cue from age-old practices revived to the modern needs.

With a growing number of advertisements offering alternative means to good life, it becomes a matter of concern as to the authenticity of the approach. Of course, conventionally an alternative practitioner believes in word-of-mouth communication even today. The majority but prefer to brand building and latest media networks.

The beliefs are purely individualistic. And am sure we have referred to one of these means such as, astrology, numerology, Tarot Reading, at some point in life. Yet, when someone had recommended that I should add a few extra alphabets to my name for “growth and prosperity”, I declined.

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