Wasting Time A Creative Gain?

wasting time one

Idling away time with a pen/pencil and paper often brings the creative side in us. A few strokes, dots, and circles are the first work of art. If the paper has some printed date column or a picture,  over-writing on them with scatter of flowers soon follows. Still not convinced, practice signatures, writing name over and over. Wonder, how many wavering thoughts pass by.

Ultimately, the shapes move on from circles, triangles and squares to drawing disfigured people. With it feathers creative thinking and the lines become bolder in creating a desired look. Amazing it is, to observe the passing thoughts settling for stability.

When amongst friends, we share a joke about the drawing: compare them to each other, put words into them and make them a representation of us. At times the imagination is far better than the reality that we are faced with. And we simply love it.

However, the practice, not very much appreciated, is glared at as “wasting time”. When questioned, our answer remains, “I had nothing better to do.” Interestingly, it is one of those “wasted moments” that reward a flight of imagination. It causes unrestrained wandering and willing submission of our mind.

Yeah! We keep knocking at the door of creativity.

No doubt, The Department of English at the University of Pennsylvania has given a serious thought before formulating the course titled ‘Wasting time on the Internet’ (Spring, 2015). Indeed, wasting time is not creating, but a serendipitous moment of creative flicker.

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