French Fries, Irresistible !

French fries, the irresistible slices, have become a staple in our weekend diet.  Ignoring the calorie counts and the intake of starch, we blink away when holding a plate full of fries.

It is even more fun to watch a child when s/he is offered French fries. They pick them and observe them, before taking small bites. At times, they place a potato fry next to another to measure its height.

Technically speaking, the “French fries are batons of deep fried potatoes.” Here, the potatoes are  cut uniformly into long, but not too thin strips and is seasoned with salt.

My curiosity as to “why it is called French fries” took me on a reading trip down the history lanes. However, the claim on “who introduced the fries” is drawn in people and places, especially Belgium.

Well, to us, the French fries were introduced by a McDonald’s take away. They were “golden on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside”; just as the company has been advertising. Undoubtedly, they have popularised French fries world over.

With the growing number of packed food, frozen French fries come  handy. Nevertheless,  with a little time consuming peeling, cleaning and chopping, the fries can be made at home too. To avoid excess calories, pan frying is recommended.

Agreed, the home-made fries may not be as French as the branded fries. Yet, the wonder in the eyes of the children at having them home-made makes the mothers happy.

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