Toe Rings: Science and Style

toe ring

My silver pair of toe rings came as a Diwali gift from my husband. They are simple and ordinary, and look elegant on the second toe. Unlike the finger rings my toe rings are left “just enough tight”, allowing it to glide smoothly.

A symbol of married woman, toe rings are essentially a Hindu marriage custom. In most of the Hindu weddings, it is customary for the husband to put the ring on the second toe of his wife’s feet.

Today toe rings are a piece of fashion, a jewellery adorned by young and old alike. The consumer markets have  seen a variety with regard to shapes and designs. From the “plain Jane” to the enameled ones, to the semi-precious stones and the diamonds, the toe rings have also been shaped from metals and non-metals.

Indeed it has become a fashion accessory. But I was drawn to an article from a blog that came as a forward from a friend of mine. It spoke about “the science behind toe rings”.

Here, it has been observed that the toe rings are worn on the second toe of the right and left leg that connect  the “uterus and passes through the heart”. In other words, the rings press certain nerves in the body that “pertain to reproductive system”, keep it healthy and thus, help in conception.

Further, silver is the preferred metal because “being a good conductor, it absorbs the energy from the polar energies from the earth and passes it to the body, thus refreshing whole body system.”

Not once did I think,  “why women wear these toe rings, especially after marriage?” Never bothered to check with my mother about her toe rings. I would like to thank the unknown author for the valuable information.

As for me, I like the feel of the toe rings. It would be better to describe them as an adjusting pair that doesn’t hurt my feet, instead settles down comfortably, according to the shoes that I wear.

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