The Poet Within

“What should I look for while writing poetry?” A simple, straight forward question asked by a student who has been penning down lines and lines of verses, she calls “poetry”.

My immediate answer would have been “finding unusual in the usual”.

Technically, we are laid down by rules to writing poetry. The muse spins the words from the imagination that’s shaped to sleek avoiding the clichés; then laid to rest for a while, before re-reading it several times to tone it to perfection.

Well, poetic endeavours waylay grammatical rules often. Also, experiential learning enlivens rhyme, rhythm, meter, stanza and forms into newer poetic gestures that, over a period of time gains recognition.

A good practitioner of poetry writing feels poetry of others as his. Just like the use of Five W’s and One H, the poet at heart applies his senses to know the poem. Of course, our emotions will never fail us.
However, it is the freedom of expression and the unbridled thought patterns that encourage a healthy poetry.

On a practical note, “what does your audience want to hear?” should linger in the mind.
Indeed most of us are ruled by our hearts while writing poetry. We love them with their vices, and occasionally tread the path of rules to regularize them to acceptance. Apparently, it is interesting to analyse the way poet’s think.

But, what makes poetry lovable? I guess, only our “state of mind” at “that moment” can tell. May be it is our “poetic assumption” .

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