I met a few strangers

In the beginning of the year;

I met them as acquaintances

Toward the end of the year.

The second time I chanced to see them,

They were not as people I knew;

The another time I knew them

They became the past I had shared.

Wonder why I was to meet them?

Wonder why it was the first and the only?

Hard to erase the single encounter;

Hard to point out the reason.

I stopped taking account of life,

I counted the memories I re-live;

I looked upon the present,

In the moment I lived with the many.

Destiny survived my interpretation

Destined to meet those I met unknowingly;

Strangers or acquaintances I cared not to think

Purpose or reason I dared not to probe.

Yet the ones I hardly knew but met

Meant to be the part for once I chanced to meet;

The years there were many,

The faces infinite in those years….

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