Where do all the years of growing up together go? Why siblings become strangers with time? The gulf widens never to be united. They part ways. Relationship? What is it? They ask. Their ego’s decide not to mend their ways; and they die silently, wishing things would have been otherwise.

The next generation, devoted to their parents, hold on to the grudge. They being young, may have attempted or wished to bring a reunion but are reprimanded. Often, “you are a child, and you don’t know anything,” with these convenient words, the parents convince them. Ergo, the children follow their parent’s path. Years go by unhindered. The matters of heart lie uncorrected. The blood ties move into complete strangers.

Their families may never be able to erase the ‘good times of togetherness’ but at the same time may end up not knowing their immediate cousins too well. Somewhere down the line, the third generation may even laugh at the silly matters complicated beyond repair.

The siblings are no more around. Their children have reasons to unite. Some mend the broken relationships. But some others hold on to the reason of “having no wish to hurt the sentiments of their dead parent/s”. Days of beautiful relationships are gone. Whose loss is it?
Wonder, when siblings grow up, why do they not wish to take up hurt feelings and fight it out as they had done in their childhood?
Let their souls rest in peace.

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