Chasing the Thoughts

Wish I never sit to analyse my thoughts. At one moment my mind is busy gathering the ‘to-do’ list and helping to sort out the day’s activities, and at the same moment it also drags in thoughts that are ‘out of context’, especially at that given point of time.

These captured thoughts stay at some corner of the mind obsessively, and return at an apt moment to show “how significant they can be.”

Interestingly, each and every ‘uncalled thought’ that came by has contributed significantly. Probably, it was a concept feathering to take its unusual flight.

Rightly pointed out by a researcher, “naturalistic analysis shows how we can have some understanding of a concept without the ability to strictly define it.”

Indeed, “creativity is linked to fundamental qualities of thinking, such as flexibility and tolerance of ambiguity.”

But, how often do we appreciate our thought processes? I do agree that, it is not necessary for every thought to materialise into a concept.

It is even more difficult  when someone insists that they have never had a stray thought.

Some of us write down our thoughts that may vary from a single word to a paragraph. Some may even cite the page number from a book that had the ‘word’. And we sit to analyse the ‘thoughts’ at our leisure.

I have found it to be a  stimulating experience; or rather an interesting exercise as if playing a jigsaw puzzle or a scrabble. However, there is absolute chaos when it comes to brainstorming. But in the end, it takes a beautiful form with the right trims and the cuts.

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