Feeling of Blue

“Monday Blues”. Every Monday someone or the other, without fail sends a message on “Monday Blues”. That’s exactly the time when I am thinking “it’s just another day”.

A search for “Monday Blues” returned to describe it “as a set of negative emotions that many people get at the beginning of the workweek”. Interestingly, the blue seems to be a contribution from “a type of music made popular by African Americans.”

“The ‘blues music’ deals with rather sad themes, and as a result leaves the listener feeling sad. This is the reason why the expressions ‘to have the blues’ and ‘feeling blue’ mean feeling sad or depressed.” (The Hindu, Education Plus, May 2006)

I could not help but think about blue, the primary colour; the colour of the sky and the sea; a shade associated with spirituality, peace and serenity.

My emotional connect with blue goes back to the day I stood before the paintings by renowned painter, Nicholas Roerich.

The various shades of blue spread over the canvas had a rhythmic pattern, and the painting appeared to blend the real and the divine. Of course, Roerich’s spiritual bend of mind reflected in his works. Yet, that may be just one of the reasons for the use of blue.

Though my knowledge in studying a “painting” has been limited, the artwork before me had captivated my thoughts with the blue. And I realised the beauty of its depth as unfathomable.

Apparently, the colour blue is said to have a positive effect on  our mind and body. “It invokes rest and can cause the body to produce chemicals that are calming and exude feelings of tranquillity”. However, too much of blue can create negative feelings, melancholy and sadness among others.

Probably, Monday blues has nothing to do with the colour blue. It may be just a feeling of disconnect at the thought of getting back into the routine. Or it may be a reason for someone finding it difficult to report to a job that s/he does not enjoy.

Whether it is “Monday Blues” or “Feeling Blue”, the fascinating blue is a colour that induces and inspires. And Monday is just another day.

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